Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Last one...........

 Today was the last of the full days of sun for the week.  We should have some cloud cover the rest of the week, which will help slow down the melting.  Go back three days and look at the snow on the railing at Stillwater.  We've lost some snow, but not as much as you would think with the warm temps and sun the last few days.

Today's Video..............


  1. No snow, no riding, and now no red tent! El Nino El Nino El Nino go away!

  2. Still a cold sun Steve. Let it SNOW

  3. Snows coming in next week ,still snow in the woods Dave and the ice base should hold for the most part, weather pattern is in the right direction and just announced The Shamrock Shake is now available for a limited time. All is right for the season ending on a good note
    Ride Safe Keep Right

  4. Not looking good for the rest of Feb. R on Sat.