Monday, May 15, 2023

Motel History

 When Mr. and Mrs. Christy first started in 1957 they rented rooms in a big house that was in the front yard where the pool is now.  The first motel units Mr. Christy built was what are now rooms 3 to 7.  Rooms 1 and 2 started out as a Hemmer Cottage that he bought and moved to the location they are now.  Next they built the office/ house in the middle of the motel.  Then they added units 8 to 10 and the last units they built where 11 to 14 in the late 70's.  They started and ran the motel for 32 years.  I bought it in 1989 and I think it was 1991 I lifted the roof and added the eff. unit above rooms 1 and 2.  In 1996 I added rooms 15 to 18 and since then have remolded all of the rooms Christy's built. My daughter Chelsea will be running the motel this summer and I plan on stepping aside very soon.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Not over yet....

 Still some white stuff in the air this morning and some places it sticking.

Today's Video..............