Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sorry to say....

it looks like the warm up is on it's way.  I'm just hoping we don't see to much R with it.  We can handle a day or two of above freezing temps.  But R will take it's toll on the base fast.  Because the base we have has never been thawed and frozen yet this season.  So it's all snow with no ice base.    Cross your fingers and hope for the best.  It looks like by Monday night we will be back in the teens.  I'm headed out for a Pine Tree run later on.

Here's Todays Video for......


  1. said "the long R-word forecast". LOL

    Hope all is well with you Steve! ;)

  2. sad to say but it's gonna take 2 weeks of winter weather to repair what the next 3 days is going to do...God D--m it !!!
    I'm coming up next week anyway to ride the slop.

  3. Hoping everyone stays off the trails this weekend and enjoys some football! We need to keep what we have as best we can!!!