Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Old Forge, NY Trail Report 2-21-12

At 4:30pm the temp is back down to freezing and it got up to 35 this afternoon. This morning we dropped down to zero and it looks like we will be cold tonight again. I'm liking the NWS forecast the best as they are calling for snow tonight. What else can I say. Everyone is out having fun and making the best of this weird winter that we are having. They all are saying the same thing, roads are toast and trails are in pretty good shape, except for trail 5.

Had a request:
hi!.....wondering if you can mention on your blog if anyone found a camera and zip lock bag of registrations on trail 5 or 9...heading towards Stillwater today. Fell out of my son’s sled this afternoon. If found...please drop off at Daikers or call 516-680-5436. Would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


Here's Today's Video for.....


  1. I'm sure we came up this weekend...

  2. I aint seen no winter like this in my lyfe. I aint seen no business over here on them hills. Where are dem snow sledders goin on that there videeo? Tel em I need some damn money here at my bar, i can't bye no damn dog food let alone a pack of reds

  3. I really enjoy your blog. Especially the message at the end and the 'cya' ...

    I grew up in Carthage NY and my family has a camp on Big Moose. Spent every summer at BM from year I was born through 1984. Spend every winter snowmobiling from time I can remember until 1984. Parents divorced, father owns camp and somewhat estranged so I've only been in BM area maybe 5 times the past 25 years. Still, every winter I check the Old Forge webcams almost daily. I miss the area and have some great memories of trail riding with my Dad. My last sled was a 1980 Jag 3000. Really loved that machine.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your memories with us. It's amazing how many people write and share their past times visiting the area. I had one person write and I am guessing that they couldn't get out and about any longer because of their health. They told me how much they enjoyed the cams and the memories that they brought back for them.


  4. The roads, for the most part, are passable. Shoulders are ridable and just enough snow to cool things. There is about a foot of snow in the woods off the trails. How it's holding up, not sure, but it is. Get there and ride, you won't be disappointed.

  5. Any particular reason weather underground has been so completely out of wack this year?? used to be their weather reports were always the most accurate.... Not this season they are showing temperatures at least ten degrees higher than every other weather station on the web???

  6. We have been up since last saturday. Conditions of the trails are good. we have been on state park land, and out to Big Moose, stillwater, fourth lake, inlet. Lots of riding to be had here in old forge. Steve has been wonderful, honest, and fun. If you haven't been here, you can't be negative.. We came from Delaware and are having a blast. We ride alot, so we are not new to the sport. Due to the unpredictable weather conditions, yes it was a gamble, but the snow keeps falling since we have been here, and the trails just keep getting better. So to wrap it up, if you want to ride, I would strongly recommend comming here to do just that. Thank you Steve for being honest with us. We will definately be back again. Scott and Melissa Bailey