Monday, February 20, 2012

Old Forge, NY Trail Report 2-20-12

Well the big holiday weekend is coming to a close. Today and tomorrow I think there is going to be above normal snowmobile traffic in the area. Because allot of people have been watching the forecast and they are hoping to get in a few more miles before the next spike in temps. Let's hope it doesn't really happen or at least it's not as high as they are calling for with limited or no R. The feedback I have gotten today is the trails are in pretty good shape after the weekend.

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  1. Steve...Had a great weekend and a good 300 miles. Sure glad we got that in before things warm up AGAIN....Bill, Tim & Andrea

  2. Had a great weekend, 240 miles in two days. Brought friends up, first timers, and loved it. They loved the whole area. They rented at RPM, Mike and Windy could not have been more accomodating. Conditions were excellent, considering everything. Went to the Mountainside Smokehouse for the first time. we will DEFINATELY go back. Food and atmosphere was excellent.

  3. KevinFeb 20, 2012 02:45 PM

    Fuel is $4.89 and 4.99 at Big Moose Yamaha. $5.19 at Norridgewock and $4.99 at Stillwater.

    Thanks fro your report

  4. Hey Steve, nice to finally meet you. For all the other bloggers out there, we were up from Thursday til Monday. The trails were nice and smooth. Like Steve has been saying, there's good and there's ugly. I didn't find much ugly, only in the usual spots. We put on 500 miles, how ugly can the trails be? Let's hope for another chance to get out and ride.....