Saturday, January 24, 2015

I was hoping.............

That we woke this morning to a few more inches of fresh snow, but we didn't.  The sun has been out this afternoon and the temp is touching the 30 mark.  But by the way it looks we will be back into the deep freeze by tomorrow and stay that way for the week.

Today's Video.............


  1. well I drove 2.5 hrs to ride this weekend and im glad I did. we rode from forestport to Boonville to tug hill. we did a total of 296miles for the 2 days. some parts of the trails were thin and others were real good traffic was not bad. it was much better then sitting home.

    1. your smart you stayed away from old forge!

  2. I wish you guys were getting what's coming to us in essex county NJ. Blizzard warning: 20-30 inches. We sure as hell don't need it here! You're not getting lake effect and your not getting much from this noreaster. Bummer...

  3. well Long Island is showing 30-40" of snow. OF wont get a drop. Shows zero snow for the next 10 days. Season is just about over.