Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another chilly one..........

We dropped down to 17 below this morning and that's been keeping everything frozen up nice.  Traffic has been light today again and besides that there really isn't much to report.  Just a reminder, that little eyes watch this blog also.  So please keep that in mind when posting....Thanks.

Today's Video...........


  1. If the snow shows up as expected this sunday and Monday should be amazing up there.

    positive thinking.

    1. Is will show up, start planning a trip !!! 11-15 by Monday afternoon!! Riding will be as intense as a O !!!!

  2. I won't pick on Dave, although i hope he is wrong and we get more ha ha. Ride safe this weekend and be gentle on the trails.

  3. Lol u people dream up these snow totals and believe yourselves, there's nothing coming but inch here inch there if your lucky