Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All depends..............

I think it all depends on what kind of rider you are, on how you view the trail conditions.  If you like to blast down the trail and hit the corners hard, then the conditions we have right now aren't for you.  Because we just don't have the snow cover needed for the sled to stick.  But if you are happy cruising along at a nice pace and just enjoying the day, then you could be in heaven.  Yes, there's no if ans or buts about it, we can use some more snow, but if you use your head, you are able to go out and get in a day of riding.  One of the rooms I have in, hooked up with the Barnstormers this morning at 10 and they just returned at 6:45.  I think they headed over to Boondocks in Lyons Falls today.

This weekend is the Big Moose Shootout on Big Moose Lake.
Here's a link for more info   www.bigmooseshootout.com

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