Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ice Harvest....

There was a post a few days ago asking when the ice harvest was in Raquette Lake.  I saw someone replied that it was on the 8th.  I wasn't sure of the date, so I made a call to Raquette Lake Supply, the people that do the harvest.  It is this weekend on Saturday the 1st.  If you haven't ever gone to see it, you may want to go and watch.


  1. Saw the ice harvest last year. Had never seen one before. It was really interesting.

  2. Do they do it both days or just Saturday

  3. I think they get it all done on Saturday. But if the ice house isn't full they most likely finish on Sunday.

    1. We went a couple of years ago and I believe it was only on Saturday.

  4. In years past it is like Steve posted. Real cool to watch. We at my Fire Company this past Saturday did an ice cut for a polar plunge and since I have seen it done I kind of directed them on how to do it. LOL No we did not have all the equipment they have but we got it done and had fun. No I did not try the plunge.

  5. I am the one who posted Feb. 8th when the Racket Lake Ice Harvest was to take place. I am sorry for posting the wrong date. I got the 8th date on line.