Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year !

 Hope everyone had a nice New Years Day and are safe and heathy.  It was a very quiet holiday here in the north country this year.  So quiet, one of the guests we have in, asked if it is always like this.  I told them no, between lack of snow and covid it's been a slow winter season so far.  I'm just hoping that Saturday morning we don't see to much R and it's more snow than anything.  So cross your fingers and put in a few extra dance steps.

Today's video...........


  1. Happy Healthy New Year to you & Family! Hope things get a little better for you & all of us this season.

  2. Trails, really, were very good. Thin base is exact but the trails were fast and smooth. Put 160 miles on between Thursday night and Friday. Moose River Plains was the best I've ever seen even all the way to the Rangers Station. Very light traffic, passed maybe a dozen sleds in two days. Die hard's were out and I bet no one regretted it. Sad it fell apart Saturday, just glad we got in first ride of the year. The bars and restaurants can accommodate enough safely with no problem. Enjoy it!

  3. Cant believe there on 4TH lake off of sunset beach in Inlet, with a fishing shack and walking on the ice.