Monday, February 3, 2020

Not perfect...........

Conditions aren't perfect, but it sure is rideable.  More than one person has said the same thing, it's better than what I have at home, nothing.  It's been cloudy the last few days and we have seen a heavy dusting the last two mornings, which has helped out some.  Not much else to report as the weather has been quiet.

Today's video...……….


  1. Another hopeless season anywhere south of the thruway as everyone has 0 miles to date. Club's groomers sit rusting away and some clubs are discussing ceasing to exist. What was once a fun winter sport is now becoming just a memory.

  2. I was up this past weekend and had a really nice time. most trails were in pretty good shape. usual chatter in the corners or steep hills. so glad i came up and will be going back up again in a couple of days. thank you Steve for the vids and cams.