Thursday, February 6, 2020

All depends..........

Here in Old Forge, we saw just a freezing drizzle today.  But some areas did have some passing R and some of the guests got caught in it.  Others lucked out and only saw the drizzle.  It didn't hurt the new snow we got overnight and it will be freezing down over the next few days with the temps that are headed our way.

Today's Video...……...


  1. Puzzos 99 gang back in for the weekend. New 850s are ready to roll out and play on the trails and lakes.

  2. Today's snow 07FEB20 going to turn this season around for all the doubters, the crazy part the conditions weren't that bad, Lakes a little slushy, corners down to ice, top of 1 rocksnow , riding dirty on 5 that's every season they sell parts for a reason, did you buy the thing to look at? I didn't ! Dave might have !!!!
    Be Safe Keep Right

  3. Hi Steve,
    How'd you make out with the Rain this morning? Did it fall up that way or did it stay frozen? We got quite a bit of Rain here in Saratoga and it's still coming down in buckets...

    1. Really?? Did you see the snow cam??? Coming down in buckets of white stuff!!! You should be here!!

    2. You know there is a Web cam on this page

  4. Go get em boys lets ride.Be safe