Thursday, February 20, 2020

Held our own............

When it was all said and done we didn't lose any snow from Tuesday's R.  Because as I said, we got 4 to 5 before the change over, so we really gained some.  It did make it a little hard going first thing this morning, because it did ice over the snow.  But after people riding on it and the groomers hitting the trails it wasn't long before things where broken up.  Not much else to report, besides we're getting to that time of the year when you can't always wait for it to get better.

Today's Video...……….


  1. Steve video is private again!!

  2. Check it now, should be public. I really have to stop doing these early in the morning. LOL

  3. It's ok now thanks!

  4. You know we only have a few weeks left of the season and we haven't heard from Dave in awhile by this time of the year he's normally telling everyone it's over , Well get your riding in because like a Shamrock Shake it's only here for a limited Time.
    Ride Safe Keep Right