Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Free Weekend 2020

March 14th and 15th will be a free snowmobiling weekend for all out-of-state and Canadian snowmobilers.


  1. At least now I know what weekend NOT to come up . We need a NEW GOVERNOR for a LOT of reasons. Free Weekend is all any one hears is free so even though it's for out of State and Canada Eh! the onslaught of riders from across the county will be as usual crazy !!! If they were going to buy a pass they would have , I know people that wait for this weekend every year to ride , Do they buy a pass no. I'll wait till Sunday when they all leave the only plus it's good for the local economy.

    1. Please note, that starting last year. It is ONLY for out of state or Canada on Old Forge trails. It is NO longer a free ride for those that are in New York and wouldn't buy a permit. I'm pretty sure the police where writing tickets if you are in state and didn't have a permit.

    2. Thanks for the update , people come here because of the conditions and the hard work that TOW does (Thank You) to keep the trail system in the best conditions possible. And we the faithful regardless of snow conditions or where your home is gladly pay the permit fees , If someone from out of state or Canada show up and try it out that's cool it's all about the sport. A lot of people from NJ & PA come up because it's the best place around, But when you see the guys running outlaw from the Hill it totals pisses you off hopefully they charge them 200 in fines.