Monday, February 24, 2020

Changed again.............

The forecast keeps changing for Tuesday. But I'll take the last one I just saw, cloudy all day and just warm temps. It does look like lake effect will be setting up after some R on Wednesday with 5 to 11 in the forecast. Then it's back to winter weather for the weekend.

 Today's Video...…………


  1. That's a shame another Airlift bad for the sport as is (Goggle) "New Jersey man faces several charges after leading police on snowmobile chase in Old Forge" happened back in January just hit the blogs what a moron... 10 charges.. the best part is the walking down 28 in shorts and a Tee shirt . Old Forge January shorts and a Tee shirt no one will notice I'll fit right in.. then to top it all off Bail reform.I think if they give him a free movie pass to the Strand he may show. NY needs a change of leadership .
    Ride Safe Keep Right

  2. Steve I'm thinking of coming up haven't rode in a few years still have my sled need to register it is it easy to do in Old Forge and what are the hours appreciate your help

    1. Are you asking about New York or Old Forge sticker?

    2. I was trying to register the sled I found it it's by the school the DMV I got the hours thanks Steve