Thursday, December 15, 2016

Past 24 have been interesting...........

What will the next 24 hours bring us?  Only time will tell, but the last 24 have been very good to Old Forge and the region.  At this point we have gotten around a foot of new snow and over in the Lowville area they saw almost 3 feet over night.  Check out the below radar image, the band of lake effect that has been in the area is being produced from moisture coming off of two of the great lakes this afternoon.   It's 4pm now and the winds have started to pick up also.  Which isn't a good thing with them calling for well below zero tonight.  It's no fun having the power go out at those temps.

 Today's Video.............


  1. Morning,

    Love the daily blog's !!!! Please keep them coming!. A new sled is on my agenda and hope to get back up there soon.

    C- Ya ..:)

  2. Hey Steve,
    Looks like a great weekend for you and all the business's in OF finally after last years debacle. We will be up tomorrow to enjoy the fresh long awaited powder. Tami can't wait to ride her new Doo and relax at Daikers as well.

  3. Coming up right now!!!!!!

  4. Steve is there a pine tree run in your future