Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I'm still here................

Sorry about no report yesterday.  Had many things on my plate to get done and had plans to go to Utica Christmas shopping.  By 3 in the afternoon I was just finishing up what had to be done and really needed to get on the road to go shopping.  So the report for the day didn't get done.  So what has gone on in the last 48?  Not much of anything to tell you the truth.  Had some snow in the air but not really anything to talk about.  The big thing I'm seeing is what is the weather going to be the day after Christmas.  But I wouldn't put any stock in that just yet, as it to far out.   Besides that the forecast is looking pretty good.

Today's Video.........


  1. I put on @ 140 ish today. Yes we need snow, I personally did not over heat and all trails are flat. Thanks to everyone that is working hard this season! Merry Christmas

  2. After a stop at the Barn, wife and I headed over to the Inlet inner trails for a spin. Trails are smooth and fast with just enough snow to keep the Yams cool. We came across a guy stopped in the middle of the trail trying to wire his snow flap back on his old Moto Ski. The guy was wearing a coon skin hat and old greasy carharts. He gave up and sat on the flap and rode off in a cloud of blue smoke. Their was a name on the front of his dirty coat which was Indian Jim. Truly an honor to find a local legend still enjoying the sport!

    1. Wasn't this guy wearing a helmet? Coon skin hat? Hilarious.

  3. Hey Steve
    Do you think this rain we will be getting in the middle of next week will wipe this snow out?