Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bonus Weekend...........

For those that came to the north country this weekend got in a bonus weekend of riding this year.  When you think that it's only the middle of December, conditions in my book, are great compared to most year at this time.  We may see some R over night and with the limited amount of people in the area riding.  It may just help give us a better base for the rest of the season.  As there won't be to many people out riding on the trails if they get soft from the R.

Today's Video.........


  1. Trails were amazing today in my top 10 best trails and have been snowmobiling in old forge the past 5 years

    1. If you think it was one of your top ten & only been doing OF the past 5 years you missed the Best of time 15 to 25 years ago
      Rode from the opening of the season thru the closing
      Every trip we made it would snow & not just few inches most times feet
      Ask Steve as he'll remember
      They were the BEST of times
      Also we didn't have some of the nuts out riding and bar hopping, wrong side of trail rising
      RESPECT was at it's best
      Safe ridding Stay Right


    2. My first time up was 1976.
      A polaris colt ss with chrome skis. The suspension was your ride on diehards!

  2. I think everyone should park the sleds and let what base we have stay

  3. I hope the groomers can get out once it gets cold later today !