Monday, December 31, 2012

What a difference..............

 I just looked back at last years chart for New Years Eve and there was only one guest at the motel., tonight is a different story.  It's not like the old days, but it sure is better than last year.  Most of the day there has been a steady flow of sleds heading to Fastrac for gas.  Temps climbed over night from seven degrees into the 20's and we stayed in the 20's all day.  Just had a guest stop into the office and said they did 103 miles today.  Overall he seemed pleased with the trail conditions.  As I was putting everything together for todays blog.  A call came in on the fire dept radios for a sled in the lake.  So for those of you that may be thinking about going on the lakes.  STAY OFF they are not safe.  Hope you have something fun planned for the evening.

Today's Video for.......


  1. Thanks again for the video. Hope everything turns out ok for the folks with a sled in the lake.

    1. The person is out of the water and I think is OK. But I don't know about the sled.

  2. Thanks For answering! Happy New Year!

  3. Lots of trails to enjoy before even thinkin the lake.. Its only Jan 1st we got months to ride lakes..

    Hope everything is OK for the sled and owner