Wednesday, January 12, 2022

What will we wake up to?

 Forecast showed snow for us today.  Late afternoon we started getting a light drizzle and it's still doing it 9:45pm.  But as I said in the video.  It may be a good thing.  As it is firming up the snow we do have and helping make base.  I'm wondering what it will do over night.  Will it stay drizzle at 27 degrees and freeze or change over to snow?

Today's Video..............


  1. Steve,
    Wait til Sun nite/Monday morning, you'll get your wish and be riding in great conditions.

  2. We are coming to the area Saturday for a week. Not to sure about doing the naked snow dance Saturday or Sunday by the looks of the temps. Maybe we will stop in and see you.

  3. Steve. I rode to Stillwater for lunch today. The inner trails are pretty good but Trail 1 past Lou's turn was bumpy and thin. The trail to Brantingham is closed. Any idea why?