Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Got the predicted..............

I didn't want to sound like Dave and say the lake effect wouldn't amount to much. So I kept my thoughts to myself on how much snow we would get from it.    We did get 5 or 6 but nothing more.  One thing is for sure, the cold has settled in, we had 16 below this morning.  

Today's Video...........


  1. Looks good, to bad we didn’t get more though. Heading up Friday morning for the holiday weekend. Saturday looks a little rough with a high of -4. Might be to cold for the kids, Sunday looks like the day. I’m thinking polar vortex should keep people off the trails and Sunday will be a nice set up.

  2. I'll wait till next week thinking like Thursday Friday Saturday.

  3. Puzzos #99 gang spotted on 4th Lake this afternoon making long WOT runs with them new Polaris's.