Thursday, January 13, 2022

Video of trails............

 I got my sled out, went for a little ride, took video and put on 20 miles.  What did I find for conditions?  Better than I thought with the limited snow.  Don't think you're going to blast down the trail at 60 and have it stick in the corner or go any place you want to.  It is pick and choose.  But you can go out and get in some seat time.  The video today, is over 20 mins. long of trail footage.  Take a look and you decide if you want to sit at home or come ride.

You can speed up the video by going into settings at the bottom right and changing the playback speed.

Today's Video.........


  1. Nice vid Steve, hope the Fastgirls are in town this weekend.

  2. Thanks for the video Steve, We had plans on coming up this weekend anyway and are going to go for it. The trails look like I expected but the cold tomorrow scares me a bit...but hey it's January in OF!

  3. Nice to see you actually get out, Not sue if anyone has ever asked , and everyone has one , What's your favorite loop? One of mine is 1, pipeline, 1 to Brantingham trail, 10 mile to confusion flats to Brantingham, back on 10 mile, over to #4 road to Stillwater, ether Norridgewock and if tracks are good to woods lake to Big Moose , or ride the flow and run the setback to Big Moose, run 2 back to 1 or 10 to 5,

    Just Curious

    1. Can't say I have one. When I get out riding, time is the factor on the length of my trip.

  4. It is what it is out there the trails are open they are not going to be exactly the way you want it. I'm in my fifties and not looking to do 200 miles a day anymore I will go up next week and enjoy whatever the conditions are.

  5. Puzzos #99 crew on the move today. Searching for DD team where are they? Found route 8 Eddy at tony's last night, he is their new bar tender. Says he's here to stay and changing his nickname to route 28 Eddy.

  6. Now that is how you present a trail report! no bull right on the trail letting us all take a look at whats out there! seeing is believing!

  7. 66 miles today by TEAM DD. Trails are so so nothing great, but pick and choose until more snow arrives, lake was great as we powered up the Zs to the max. Afternoon at Daikers enjoying the warm fire the sights and the game. Bring it on mother nature