Monday, January 16, 2017

The calm.............

You hear people say, the calm before the storm.  Well we sure have the calm, it's so calm, you would think it's more like April 15, not January 15th.  There is no one in town and of the seven times the phone rang today, only one call was for motel information.  Forecast is changing around some, but nothing so far that's going to make any difference, at least not yet.  I'll keep you updated with any changes worth talking about.  As they now have posted a Winter Weather Advisory for us.  I'm headed out of here at 6 for a ride.  Can't miss out on what we got, as who knows how long it will be before I get some seat time again.

Today's Video.............


  1. Best wishes for a nice ride tonight. Hoping for a change in the forecast so I can come up mid-week.

    1. So Glad I came up twice in December and rode in that awesome snow...hoping for another 2 trips in February and March...The cold looks to return later next week..Fire up the lake effect !!!

  2. Here comes the next slop storm...sleds will be parked after today. Kiss it all good bye for awhile.

  3. Well!! They aren't calling for rain until Sunday and a little snow for today and tomorrow. I'll be up on Friday and making the best of what we got!!

  4. If the bleeding would just stop today we would be fine as the base is still in tact...another few days of warmth and slop concerns's like a freaking repeat of last year...Can't Steve call in a favor from the Gods of Winter???...LOL

  5. Almost cancelled our trip this past weekend but decided not to plus I had to come out as I played a show at Daikers on Saturday night. Was pleasantly surprised that Saturday we were able to put on 75 miles including a trip to Brantingham (ate at Trailside...delicious!!). Trail 1 was in pretty darn good shape for the weather. Sunday we put on about 50 miles including going to Inlet. All in all far better than I expected. Groomers were out in force. Cheers to them! Doug

  6. Lost for words. Starting from scratch next week. Weather does not look good.