Friday, January 20, 2017

That was short lived.............

Well the good looking forecast from yesterday was short lived, it's bad to cross your fingers it doesn't happen.  There are few people around town making the best of it.  But beside them it's a ghost town around here today.  It's sad, as this weekend is the Poker Run for the Inlet Barnstormers Snowmobile Club.  They put a lot of time and effort into setting that up.

Today's Video..........


  1. Dave is entertaining I got no problem with it but wasn't for negativity people probably won't even read this blog

  2. Wow!! Look at the longrange forecast... Big storms are lining up. Looks like an epic week of riding for the entire east. Heading up on Wednesday for first tracks

    1. I hope got a week booked first week of Feb in inlet

  3. By RT 8 Eddy.

  4. You know it's warm when you see motorcycles out on the road!