Thursday, January 26, 2017

I said it..........

After I got the video all said and done I realized  said the R word, sorry.  But I wasn't going to do it over as it's 9:30 now and I still have things to get done for the day yet.  I got part of the cams back online after the power outage today and I'm hoping to get the rest of them back up in the morning.  But I can't promise you anything, as it will be crazy around here tomorrow, with the fresh snow and everyone looking to get checked in and out riding.

Today's Video.................


  1. It's ok Steve the comment about the rain wasn't in relation to OF so...

  2. Please ride safely this weekend, be courteous, respect each other and enjoy the ice bowl.
    Team DD

  3. Be careful this weekend. There are still small branches on the edges of the trails and there are two trees down on McCarthy Road. That trail connects Stillwater Road to the Brantingham trail

  4. what are the frequencies?? many of metropolis areas use digital bands. or aptco. U can hear it in the back ground towards the end. Itd be nice Have they changed? ten years ago I had one programmed to XX.XXX and a couple others XXX.XXX for Herkimer.. Maybe if some people could hear an emergency they coud help , especially way out on trail..