Monday, January 2, 2017

Headed out...........

Most people cleared out today, as they have to be back to work tomorrow.  So traffic has been light and not much else to report.  The weather still isn't looking good for Tuesday and I'll keep you updated as thing happen.  But for now I'm headed out for a ride.  Don't want to miss out on the good conditions we have before the ugly hits.

Today's Video......


  1. came up on sunday and rode today from old forge to stewarts and then over to tug hill , it was amazing how good the trails are . like riding in February

  2. Great night for a pie ride to the Pine Tree! Enjoy Steve!

  3. You definately had primo conditions if you rode local today or tonight. Nobody out there as you mentioned. I can't believe how awesome the trails (and tracks) were. Hopefully the R isn't much of anything. The window has closed some and there's potential for decent snow on Wed. all day and night. Could it be a replay of last week? That would be sweet....

  4. Hi Steve! What was your take of the trails? Where did you ride to?

    1. Really did not get much of a ride in as we had sled problems and had to return after getting to the end of trail #1. But the riding I did get in was very nice.