Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowmobile Trail Report - Old Forge, NY

There has been a light snow in the air all day today and it's one of those snows that by the end of the day you will have an inch or two on the ground. What can I tell you about the conditions besides everyone left this morning and no one has returned yet. I think that all by itself says it all.

Here's today's video for.......


  1. Would the anonymous business owner that commented in the 1/19 video please tell me what business he owns so i dont do him any favors

  2. yeah,he can say that hiding behind a screen name,but if that was really the truth,and snowmobilers didnt do anything for him,he would be a man and tell us his name and what business he runs.I have a funny feeling alot of people would boycott his business,but hey,he said it he dont need the winter crowd.

    1. Its bad enuf that the NYS is activily raising SNOWmobile permit $$$.and then via multiple attempts,tries raiding the fund!..

      Dim the lights..turn down the heat..after hunting and reqiure the shops/bars/eateries/sled shops to close @ 1pm....keep the out of sate hooligins and their kids ..out of TOW, also lets kill SnoDeo...thats the ticket...
      ..and follow the business plan of the defunct McDonalds'...present a May-Sept.sunny day only getaway , Be that guy to "Doo" that @ the town council next week.

      If you dare. :}

    2. Wonkadoos, I agree with you and the rest...I find it very interesting that this business owner is unhappy with one day a week being busy. I would like to think that the local businesses would be grateful for the business regardless, in the winter time. Some dough is better than no dough. If this "business owner" was "big" enough to tell his/her name, I'm sure he/she wouldn't have to worry about ANY busy days in the winter.

  3. We did 80 miles today. Very firm base,light snow cover, lots of icy spots. Roads are great, actually they were perfect where we rode. Traffic moderate for a Saturday. Glad I came. Go Giants!!!

  4. Good day riding today. Went to Raquette Lake, Inlet, South Shore Road, Trail 5, had lunch at Hard Times and then out to dinner at Billys.

    The trails are decent, I am glad I came up.

    Going to ride MRP in the am with a friend. Will let everyone know how it is...

    Joe On Uncas

  5. Oh.. and GO GIANTS!!!!!

  6. Congrats Steve, when did we reach the 4 million clicks on the counter ?

  7. My question is about this business that does not need winter business, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU OPEN!!!!!!! If you did not care, why are you reading Steve's Blog. You seem to be a little hypocritical, if you do not need the business, close up for the winter to make sure the business's that DO need the money and appreciate the snowmobile profit.