Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old Forge, NY Snowmobile Trail Report

I would say that everyone had a good time that came up this weekend. The temps stayed well below freezing all weekend and people started riding on the lakes. Now we just have to cross our fingers that Mondays spike won't last long or not happen at all. Today I have two videos for you. Jason got a GoPro for Christmas so I have some of his video also.....enjoy.


  1. Steve: Is GoPro a high def version of your video? Thanks for all the info. Will be up next weekend.

  2. GoPro is a higher end camera that is hd but that video wasnt recorded on the highest resolution that GoPro allows. It makes it to big of a file. Awesome little camera but very expensive compared to Steves camera which is great for the price/quality.

  3. I hope the weather holds out Monday unless it does what happened last week and helped the conditions out. Coming up wed night for 5 days I'm sure there will b riding to b had just how good will it be. Hope the lakes will be ok to ride just got a new gps system wanna c what the sled does on gps

    1. ACZ,

      This weekend is the pond hockey tourney. ADK Ice Bowl. I saw on their FB page-they had a Zamboni near woods inn on the ice.

      Hopefully lakes are good.

  4. We are heading up from Cuse in at 1:00. Texted a bunch of bartenders. Its around freezing. With no rain yet.

    I have been alot this year, but I'm only 100 miles away.

    No winter wonderland, but other than the time I broke my leg. If I'm on a sled, its a start.

    If you wait for perfect, that may not happen.
    Brian C