Monday, March 29, 2021

Winter isn't over yet..........

 Well we are nice and white this morning again.

Today's video..........


  1. Hey team DD with all the new snow fall and the re-freeze of Daikers lake access I say !!!! SEND IT !!!! you guys being all outlaw and all you should get at least 100 miles in with the last day at hand.

  2. Well the season is now officially closed and am proud to report your TEAM DD finished off with an average of 6300 miles on our sleds combined. Puzzos99 came in with 3300 miles. Fastgirls with 2100. So thanks to our 1st year riding Skidoo's and look forward to another awesome season on the 2022 Mach Z's!

    1. FACTCHECK !! In a recent in-depth undercover investigation by Top and I mean Top CNN reporters it has in fact been found that Team DD is a legitimate origination with ties to Factory support, As a trustworthy News outlet such as CNN this information should be taken on the creditability we have fought long and hard to achieve. Teams such as DD and it's member deserve the recognition bestowed upon them with their bold claims of glory and greatness. For someone to think that it's just some poor mis-gotten sole lost in their own fantasy that has been making up stories just for self gratification is purely ludicrous.
      Thank You
      Jill's Husband

  3. Good for DD what a bunch of DOO DOO. Hope by next season someone will grow up.

  4. Question ?
    Daikers web cam (lake view) shows a Sled down at the waters edge did someone ride it down there in hopes to have one last ride, Or did they pull it from the water because someone attempted that one last ride?