Tuesday, March 16, 2021

New snow goes fast............

 Take note of the snow on the railing at Stillwater on Sunday.  The side of the railing is not covered with snow and the melt down of the snow is much faster than it is in the parking lot.  But as soon as a dark spot shows up in the lot, the melt down starts picking up speed there also.

Today's Video.........


  1. Well Steve it was a good year. It's getting a little warm for us to do the naked snow dance. We will try to get it going a little earlier next year. Thanks for all you do.

  2. I see what's missing in the video. I was at Christy's for a 6 week stay so I get to see a lot things going on at the motel. But I won't let the cat out of the bag to spoil the guessing for everyone.

  3. The Missing Tree ?