Saturday, January 5, 2019

Not much to report..............

Traffic was lighter today than the last few days.  Saw a few sleds at Stillwater around lunch time and a few getting gas across the street.  But besides that it's pretty quiet around here.  I'm sure most of you are watching the flip flop forecast for this week.  So let's hope it turns for the better and we get some snow, so we can get out riding again.

I reset the system on top of McCauley yesterday.  But by the time I got home it was off again.   So I'll get it back online ASAP.  It's having a connection problem with the router at the base.

Today's Video...……….


  1. Appreciate the update Steve...7 hour trip is a bit long if riding conditions aren't at least decent...looking forward to it SOON hopefully....

  2. Well Steve its a flop regarding this winter season. Lets all pack it up and head to Daytona Florida and get ready for speedweeks. Screw mother nature and her never ending curse on the northeast.
    Hang out at the Shark Lounge and forget a bout it till May 2019.

    1. You guys are so funny, Dave , PA sled freak (Who gave up) ect . You guys are in a sport that depends on weather - have you ever heard the song Dreaming of a white christmas, or the statement January thaw, it snows when it snows , Of course it's great when it all comes together , We were up Saturday it's thin sure almost like spring conditions did we get a bunch of miles on no but had a picnic on the sleds bottle of wine (there were 4 of us) some cheese a little bread Great Time you just have to make the best of it. It's about spending time with the people you care about - Oh ya it ALWAYS SNOWS prediction January 15 through St Patrick's Day going to be great. Don't miss the parade it's a great time Officially the Un- Official end of season party!!!
      Be Safe Keep Right