Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Steady all day...........

The snow started this morning and came at a steady rate all day.  It was more like little dots than flakes and it didn't take it long to pile up.  The few people I did see and talked to, said the riding was great today.  Groomers will have a day or so to work it in and get things ready for the weekend.

Today's Video.............


  1. Looking good, Update on (1) of the accidents go to Adirondack Express website Photo's " trying to figure out was he coming off the lake toward the restaurant or coming down the parking lot either way he was hauling "

    1. This is why I do not ride the OF trail system anymore. Half the people riding are drunk. Look at the bars. They are packed. People spend half the day drinking and not riding. Its pathetic.

  2. That’s not true at all. Maybe weekends but midweek riders like me stop in bars for a break and a beer. Don’t make blanket statements like that.