Thursday, February 8, 2018

Didn't see much..........

The lake effect that started up last night didn't amount to more than a dusting by morning.   It's getting to that time of the year, when the sun really isn't our friend.  One of the pick ups had ice hanging from the fender this afternoon, that was snow on the hood this morning.  So just one little bare spot in the road can be huge by the end of a sunny day.  At 10pm the lake effect is firing up tonight again.  So it'll be interesting to see what we have in the morning.

Today's Video...............


  1. Gona be a zoo this weekend hammerdown keep right and stay safe

  2. Go Team DD! Race day declared on the 4th today. Looking for all Zrs and Tcats.

  3. Here kitty kitty �� Sidewinders looking for you in front of Daikers today!

  4. You won't find Team DD as they don't exist
    No picture of them EVER
    Just someone writing and dreaming

    1. He's the same fool that goes by Zippy, Puzzos # 99 , Indian Jim to name a few and of course his go to DD thing if there is anything stupid being said it's this same guy , He even responds to his own posts like it's a conversation or something .