Thursday, December 31, 2015

Got some..........

We had light snow all day, but it really didn't amount up to much.  The big plus that I noticed, is there really isn't to many people out giving it the old college try.  So things are getting a chance to freeze down with the colder temps we have seen today.

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Years Eve!

Today's Video.......


  1. Happy New Year!!! Everyone. Gonna be a great season.

  2. Happy new year to all you anonymous's!! Heading up Tuesday night, hopefully trails are in top condition. Please let me know if anyone has a problem with this. Well all you people sitting back home crying about people riding the trails, I will be out having fun. Again have a happy new year to all the anonymous's!!!!!

    1. Dave, I will also be up. Going up Sunday - Wednesday .. I sure could use some help posting the new " anonymous's " trail sign. Let's ring in the new year with some riding!

    2. THE ANONYMOUS'S!!January 2, 2016 at 8:40 AM

      Wow. Great Idea. Then you can get Orphan Annie to hold the trail sign up!
      Have fun on the rocks and dirt. See you at the sobriety check points this year. Thanks for the video!

  3. OMW up to our Lodge Trailers Hooked up. Tanks are full. rock and roll on 81 to 12 to 28! see yas on the trails My buddy and his family says its ruff but doable for a 5hr long weekend... Too bad if U don't trust this anon... Go cry me a Stillwater!! : ) Yeah Timberlake semi quote