Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Saw the ...........

We saw the effects of the warm weather today, with some melt down of the snow.  But I've seen worse melt downs over the years.  Is it going to be the end of the season?  Your guess is good as any ones.  The reports I'm getting, is the trails are holding for now, but the roads are done. So the best thing I can tell you is, ride it while we got it! 

Today's video...............


  1. Looks to me it's lights out !!!..no major cold or snow in the immediate forecast...season turned crappy too quick..Damm.....

    1. well what do you guys expect? We are getting into mid march.

  2. Sounds to me like some one can't come play up in the north country anymore this year so to make themselves feel better they say lights out ! Cold all next week and not much but yes snow will be falling as it always does . Roads are done can tell you that but any one coming to oldforge is def going to have a great weekend and a good week all next week after that then I would agree that with April 1 st on the horizon the season will come to an abrupt hault sooner than later . 1650 miles and counting so far this season and everyone good or bad condition wise was enjoyed . Hope everyone that is done for the 14 -15 season had a blast and wish everyone a happy summer!!! Hurts to say that but the first day of spring is next Friday the 20 th and after that we only have one more full week before the trails close till next year. ��

  3. I see lots of "street gravy" on the information cam !!..looks awful...nevertheless..I put 1250 miles on the new E-tech this season..what a blast !!!