Monday, March 16, 2015

Just a few............

There has been a few sleds running around town today, but not many. The snow we got yesterday melted away today with the 40 degree temps.  It looks like more snow tonight into tomorrow and the next few days should be cold enough to keep it around.  So we should have some spring time conditions for the next few days, but after that who knows.

Today's Video...........


  1. hey steve just want to thank you gain for all you do, I called last thurs and we spoke of the conditions headed into weekend. 80 miles Friday, another 50 Saturday, saw some good bad and great, so rode the better trails, family friends and good times,hit sno fest to do some dreamin, I gotta tell you everybody had a great weekend,some didn't want to leave sunday. saw a decent effort grooming with minimal material,and ill tell ya some trails were a blast,so for the half emptys at home b#@!hin, stay there. Thanks for another great season of reports steve and remember....see ya!

  2. Junk....wash em up and spray em down...farewell 2015 season !!!

  3. I would say the fat lady has chirped not a bad season but nothing like the old days 144 inches is a joke compared to 250 or 300 but what can you you doo that's how things are today!

  4. I'm driving up... Gonna run it till something falls off!!!
    My last trip for 15!!
    Steve thanks for everything.. I read your blogs and watch you're videos! ( better that talking with the wife over cup cake wars) ha
    See you later!