Sunday, April 10, 2022

Maybe ?

 It looks like Monday we'll start seeing some spring like weather or at least I hope so.  Because with the way the weather has been around here, you don't even feel like getting started on spring projects, when it's cold, damp and snowing.

Today's Video...........


  1. I'm still watching Steve thanks never seen blacktop at the information center hopefully I will get up there this summer.

  2. Im still watching 2 and enjoying

  3. Any bunny tracks out front. Hope for you this is the end of the snow.

  4. Is it April 17,just won't let go will it.

  5. One of the biggest storms of the Pre-season 2023 is coming in tonight. LOL figures !!!! Don't think it will last Dave. Maybe Team DD can get a few miles in, being all outlaw and such.

    Ride Safe keep Right

  6. What the hell's going on up there looks like winter let's see a video

    1. We got over a foot of heavy wet snow. Power was out for 20 hrs in town and many areas still don't have power. Phone and internet just cam back on and was out for 32 hrs.