Thursday, October 7, 2021

It's peak foliage weekend!



  1. Early season riding would be nice, we haven’t had that In years, with the current weather patterns and the unusual warm fall we’re experiencing I highly doubt it will be this season

  2. I tried to resist, hold back I said to myself that I wouldn't comment on Dave this season. But it's just too much. First Steve great pics just shows the wonder of the Adirondacks especially OF, the pictures never do it justice to what it really looks and feels like thank you. Maybe some more drone footage this year.
    Dave really now the weatherman!! never knew you were such a meteorologist studying Jetstream anomalies and amplified Rossby waves. you must be something at a party. One could rebuff your analysis by stating with the current pattern of low pressure that the north has experienced all Spring, Summer and now into Fall it will continue into the Winter thus brining early snow and plenty of it .
    But what can we expect from Downer Dave !! bye the way frost cometh this week right on time , with a little luck I expect to be riding opening weekend.
    Pray for Snow !!
    Ride Safe Keep Right