Thursday, January 16, 2020

It's snowing..........

Woke up to snow this morning and at 7:30 we have 3 inches so far.  It's a good wet snow that is packing down when you step on it.  How much will we get is the thousand dollar question.  But we already got the high side of what the forecast was calling for and it looks like it's going to snow into the afternoon.  I also noticed on the radar that the western great lakes are starting to fire up some lake effect bands.  Who knows maybe we'll see some also.  I'll keep you posted.

1pm update:  Just took the yard stick out and we have between 4 and 5.  Looks like lake effect bands are starting to grow.  Crossing my fingers that we something from them.


  1. Thanks for the updates Steve, we had a plan of coming up for the weekend but with the conditions it’s up in the air. Your reports are kind of the ‘deciding factor’ of whether or not to make the drive. Much appreciated

  2. That's good news and all but since Dave has declared the season over should we really be commenting on such things. I mean come on! Dave said it was over.