Wednesday, March 4, 2020

We almost..........

The day was going good, the sun first thing this morning didn't last long and we saw clouds most of the day.  We saw a few passing light R events during the day.  But around 6pm we starting seeing some R and with it was wind.  At midnight the R is over and next it looks like winter will return.   We did lose some snow in the front yard today, but it's still just shy of a foot on the snow stick.

Today's video...……..


  1. I sincerely hope it holds up. theres a group of friends I know of and My bro Coming up to introduce em to the sport. SHouldve gone last weekend but couldnt.

  2. Logged on 1000 miles this season, thank you for all your reports and dedication to the sport. Have a great summer and already looking forward to next year,

    1. What, you putting it away for the season Dave. We have almost four weeks before the gates are shut. Never know when that last blast is going to hit the north country.