Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Wrong base...........

In the video I said the town report is up to a 6 inch base, I should of said 4 inch.  Biggest thing we really need now, is to see some COLD.  There is material/snow out there.  But the problem is it's soft and needs to freeze back down.  The groomers went out today, doing there best with what they have to work with.  They are also putting things back into place for when the cold does return.  Because when this stuff freezes back down it's going to be rock hard, with all the water there is in it.

Today's Video...……...


  1. Coming up tomorrow night, Thursday and Friday should be descent. Looks like snow sat and Sunday, but temps hovering around 30. Ride while we have it

  2. looking a little better

  3. Indian Jim brought the old moto ski into town today and spun her around next to Slickers. She looks good and runs strong. Love them bogie wheels churning away. Says the trappins been great too.