Friday, January 10, 2020

So far so good...........

The R that has headed our way today, has fallen apart for the most part before it got here.  But it looks like that may start to change later tonight.  We can only hope we dodge most of it.  Those that rolled the dice and stayed around today.   Got some seat time in and I haven't had one person say they are sorry they stuck it out.  Had a good ride last night and put on just short of 70 miles between 6 and 11.  With a stop at Stillwater,  I was the pig of the group and had a nice prime rib dinner.

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  1. Hey Steve why can't we get through from the back street to get gas??

    1. I also tried to get through to go to the gas station & had to go around the block! What's up with that??

    2. The owner of Goerge's doesn't want sleds cutting through the driveway anymore.

  2. Winter sucks south of the thruway. Another wasted winter, bring on spring and the ATVs...