Monday, January 6, 2020

So far so good..........

We woke up to snow this morning.  If it keeps snowing like this till Tuesday morning, the snow stick will be pushing the two foot mark.  Did I just hear someone cough?

Watch live here:

The system on top of McCauley didn't reset this morning after the power outage, as I had hoped.  So I'll do my best to get up there today to get it and the trail cam back on line.


  1. Cancel your plans he said!
    Call in sick he said!
    Jump on your sled and prepare for a trip of a lifetime, Old Forge has snow!
    We’ve all asked Mother Nature and look at what she has done, now it’s time to have fun. Jump on your sled and throttle it to the floor speeding down the trail I go. Oh what a feeling as I’m carving thru the fresh fallen snow.

  2. Puzzos 99 gang in town for the week. Fabulous ride today up to Raquette Lake, Inlet, Plains, Brown Tract and Big Moose. Racked up 144 miles. Saw DD guys at big T today with them Riots looking good. Full day planned for tomorrow starting with breakfast at Walts.