Saturday, January 4, 2020

Not what I was hoping for...............

We saw snow most of the day, but it really didn't add up to all that much.  Traffic was very light, but I think most had a good time even with the limited riding conditions.  The odds are, we will see winter weather this up coming week.  As Wes and Brenda are coming to town and they almost always seem to bring winter weather with them.  Besides that there isn't much to report.  Temps are going to drop tonight and will start freezing things back down.

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  1. 87 miles logged in today for TEAM DD. MRPs were decent this morning. Thx. Sgt. Deitrich for the 85 in a 55. No close calls everyone riding safe. Spin up to the tap room for a pit stop and lunch as well. Evening treats at Daikers were just fine! Stay off the 4th its not safe!

  2. This is going to be one Effed up year. Looks like another warm spell and rain for next Friday into Saturday. If you don’t make it up this week, you may not get another chance to ride for two weeks. I’m not being negative, it is what it is