Saturday, January 4, 2020

It's started.............

At 10am the snow has started to come down at a good rate.  Let's cross our fingers and dance like never before that it snows all day like this.   More later...…….

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  1. As we drive up route 28 headed for snow or so I’m told, we could see the Christy motel up ahead. When we arrived the town was looking kind of down. I can’t wait to see the trails for myself, but it’s time for bed. When we awake I look at the window I can’t believe what I see, Boy oh boy it sure looks great! Then we ate at Waltz before getting on our way. I crank my riot over and she awakens from the dead. The first big snowfall of the season I must go and play. For sure I know it won’t last too long so I shall ride all day. The pipe, The can , the clutch, the chip, they make her quite a ride.I bust through the drifts getting massive air I carve my way out through the drifts and ride with out care. Before too long the day is done, then I ride back to the Christie motel. Then I awaken, and find out it was all a mirage.

    I hope my friends on here enjoy this. Thank you Steve. for all you do, one day I’ll stop by and say hello