Tuesday, January 28, 2020

It's returned.........

The cold has returned and things are getting back to normal.  It may not be perfect, but there is no question, it is rideable.  Now that paths are being ridden on the lakes, it will also take some of the traffic off of the trails.  Which will help the groomers keep the trails in better shape.

Please not: Riding lake ice is not safe.  It is important to note that I never recommend riding on lakes or ponds.

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  1. Thanks for the Update,
    Any info on 10 mile can you get to the Pine Tree via CF's

    1. When yo make the right going into CF on your way to Brantingham. I'm told there are some water holes in the first mile. Which is nothing new and after that it's good.

    2. Thanks Steve
      Ride Safe Keep Right