Sunday, January 26, 2020

It sure did stick.....

The snow we saw on Saturday was very wet and it stuck to everything.  If Sunday turns out to be a sunny day it will be breath taking.  But don't hold your breath for it, because it looks like cold and snow most of the day.  As for trail conditions, things are soft from the warm weather and it looks like a slow freeze down.  As temp are below freezing, but not down in the teens for a quick freeze.

Today's video...……..


  1. Hey did anybody see the group of new arctic cat Riots running down 4th lake this afternoon side by side? There were like 10 or so just screaming along heading towards Inlet.

    1. Nice try DD too bad your attempt to be relevant has failed , as does this season so far!!!!
      Ride Safe Keep Right

  2. Oh on a more exciting note Tony Harper's has new table and chairs and a new menu! WOW ... Right , that about as much excitement we found over the weekend , Made the best of it anytime in OF is a good time .

  3. Another good reason to remove the rails!

  4. SAVE the rails, Pray for snow