Sunday, January 5, 2020

Hoping this one comes true..........

* WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 3 to 6 inches.
* WHERE...Northern Herkimer County.
* WHEN...From 4 AM Monday to 4 AM EST Tuesday.

There was some people in town this weekend, but nothing like it should be.  I'm sure the carbides took a beating.  But what's better, getting some seat time or couch time?  The temps have dropped back into the teens and things are freezing back down.  So if we do get the 3 to 6, things should be in pretty good shape.  Wes is in town, so I should have some video of the trails for you on Monday.

Today's Video...………….


  1. Really just have to make it through this week if we get what Intellicast predicts we're all set. even with the slight warm up next Monday/Tuesday all back to normal. Dave can go back to complaining and stop with his night classes in creative writing . Such Titles as " Night before Dave", and his latest epic masterpiece "Once upon a time at Christy's just a Mirage"
    Tells a lonely story of a man and his love for his snowmobile named Riot and the fantasy of snow drifts in the night.
    Two Thumbs Up

    Art Ticat

  2. Hi Steve, I was in town for the day on Saturday and just like you said the carbides took a beating.With that said though the seat time was a lot better than couch time and there were some really nice trails to be found. Staying off the main runs and the snow was much friendlier. The warm temps haven't been nice to the base but hopefully we'll get enough cold to make it through next weekends warm-up ok.

    On a side note, when the trails are less traveled that doesn't mean you can use the whole thing to do as you wish. I came across numerous people (usually in groups) that were all over the trail sometimes 2-3 sleds wide. Please stay right and slow down in corners, especially when the trails aren't strong enough for high speeds. just my $0.02.

    Thanks for the blog Steve and think snow.