Saturday, January 18, 2020

I like what I'm seeing.........

It looks like we have some more of the storm to come yet.  But I like what I'm seeing off to the west.  It looks like lake effect bands are starting to set up on the western lakes.  So a nice one two punch would be OK by me.

Slow going for now..........

It's been snowing all afternoon and it's adding up slowly.  Forecast is calling for it to snow till 7pm Sunday.  If it does, I'm putting us at about 8 to 10 inches at the rate it's been snowing so far.  But it does look like it going to increase over night.  So we'll have to see  what we wake up to in the morning.  Should be a good week of riding if you're able to get away.

Today's Video...………..

The snow has started...........

It's 1pm and at this point it's snowing hard enough to say it's snowing.  There was snow in the air around noon, but not enough to say it was snowing.

Friday, January 17, 2020

We can only hope.....


* WHAT...Heavy snow possible. Total snow accumulations of 7 to
17 inches possible, highest south of Route 28.

* WHERE...Northern Herkimer and Hamilton Counties.

* WHEN...From Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening.

* IMPACTS...Travel could be very difficult to impossible.

Here's my take............

For those of you that have been watching the blog for years, you'll know what I mean.  Right now it's cube steak and it looks like we may just end the holiday weekend with NY strip.  All depends on what we get from the next round of snow.

On another note.  I replaced the system on top of McCauley with my back up on Wednesday.  I'm sure you have seen the top and trail cams are out this morning.  Not sure why it went down and I'll do my best to get it back up before the snow starts to fly.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

It's a start...........

The groomers went out packing the trails down and with the below zero temps tonight.  It should be the beginning of building the base back up.  Only saw like six sleds across the street getting gas today.  What was a shocker was seeing three sleds coming off of the trails last night, at the end of North Street.  When they went past me, all I could smell was high fax.  Forecast is still looking good for snow late Saturday and into Sunday.  Doesn't do much for this weekend, but looks like it should be a good week of riding coming up.

Today's Video...…….

It's snowing..........

Woke up to snow this morning and at 7:30 we have 3 inches so far.  It's a good wet snow that is packing down when you step on it.  How much will we get is the thousand dollar question.  But we already got the high side of what the forecast was calling for and it looks like it's going to snow into the afternoon.  I also noticed on the radar that the western great lakes are starting to fire up some lake effect bands.  Who knows maybe we'll see some also.  I'll keep you posted.

1pm update:  Just took the yard stick out and we have between 4 and 5.  Looks like lake effect bands are starting to grow.  Crossing my fingers that we something from them.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

It's a start..........

Local news showed us in the 4 to 6 range and national weather just posted this.  Looking at the cam out front it doesn't look all that great.  But if you look at the trail cam, you'll see there is still a good amount in the woods.  Like always time will tell.


* WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 3 to 5 inches
with locally higher amounts possible in the highest terrain.
Winds gusting as high as 35 mph.

* WHERE...Southern Green Mountains in Vermont and Northern
Herkimer and Hamilton counties in New York.

* WHEN...From 10 PM this evening to 7 PM EST Thursday.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

I wise............

After looking at the forecast I wish we could split the forecast in the middle.  They are calling for snow with temps in the 20's and 30's and then the temp dropping way down.  It would be nice if we could get some of the cold first and freeze everything down.  Then the snow would add up much faster and not be melting in the wet spots.  But at this point, anything we get will be better than what we have.

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Some in the air............

There's light snow in the air tonight off the lake.  Nothing that's going to add up to anything.  But at least it's cold again and snowing.  Nothing much else to report.  I'm sure we're all doing the same thing.  Looking at the forecast every 10 minutes, hoping it has changed and there is more snow predicted.  But it doesn't look like anything till the end of the week.

Today's video......

Saturday, January 11, 2020

You may not want to...............

I'll warn you right now, you may just want to keep looking at the last two videos and not even look at this one, because it isn't pretty!  We did have wind today and that can also eat the snow, almost as fast as R can.  Not much else to report and cross your fingers things turn around here pretty soon.

Today's Video...……….

Friday, January 10, 2020

So far so good...........

The R that has headed our way today, has fallen apart for the most part before it got here.  But it looks like that may start to change later tonight.  We can only hope we dodge most of it.  Those that rolled the dice and stayed around today.   Got some seat time in and I haven't had one person say they are sorry they stuck it out.  Had a good ride last night and put on just short of 70 miles between 6 and 11.  With a stop at Stillwater,  I was the pig of the group and had a nice prime rib dinner.

Today's Video...………...


I went out riding last night and started working on putting together a video when I got back at 11pm.  Well the next thing I knew,  I was waking up in the office chair and it was 1:30am.  So I figured I'd just go into bed and ask for forgiveness today for not posting.  I'll post later on about how my ride was and where Wes went for the day.  On the bright side, the number came down some on how much R we may see.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

It says it all.............

Lake effect all morning and into the afternoon.  Then we started to see the sun come out, which made for a picture perfect day of riding.  Now all we can hope for is we don't take to hard of a hit this weekend.  Because it doesn't get much better than it is right now and the video says it all.

Today's Video...………..

Even getting better............

We all ready got half a foot this morning and looks like more to come.  I'll keep you posted.


* WHAT...Snow. Additional snow accumulations of 1 to 4 inches.
Winds gusting as high as 35 mph.

* WHERE...Northern Herkimer and Hamilton Counties.

* WHEN...Until 7 PM EST this evening.

* IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous
conditions could impact the morning or evening commute.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Periods of snow are expected today. Gusty
winds will cause some blowing and drifting of the snow.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Best so far...........

The conditions we have right now are the best it has been this season.  The below zero temps and cold over the next few days will help hold things together longer, if we do see the R over the weekend.  I commented a few days ago about the snow turning to concrete when the cold returned.  Well it sure did and it showed it's face when I was plowing yesterday.  I almost slide out into 28 a few times and you couldn't push all the much snow without spinning the tires.  Sled traffic was up today and I'm guessing the next few days will be busy also.

Today's Video...……..

One is gone...........

I changed the lights on the snow stick at the pool fence.  The one foot mark is now green, two is red, three is green and four is red again.  The one foot mark is gone and I'm hoping by the end of this lake effect event two will be gone also.  Looks like about three more inches to go for that to happen.  Conditions are at the best they have been this season so far.  The question is, will we see them go down the tube over the weekend.

Today's video...……….

Monday, January 6, 2020

So far so good..........

We woke up to snow this morning.  If it keeps snowing like this till Tuesday morning, the snow stick will be pushing the two foot mark.  Did I just hear someone cough?

Watch live here:

The system on top of McCauley didn't reset this morning after the power outage, as I had hoped.  So I'll do my best to get up there today to get it and the trail cam back on line.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Hoping this one comes true..........

* WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 3 to 6 inches.
* WHERE...Northern Herkimer County.
* WHEN...From 4 AM Monday to 4 AM EST Tuesday.

There was some people in town this weekend, but nothing like it should be.  I'm sure the carbides took a beating.  But what's better, getting some seat time or couch time?  The temps have dropped back into the teens and things are freezing back down.  So if we do get the 3 to 6, things should be in pretty good shape.  Wes is in town, so I should have some video of the trails for you on Monday.

Today's Video...………….

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Not what I was hoping for...............

We saw snow most of the day, but it really didn't add up to all that much.  Traffic was very light, but I think most had a good time even with the limited riding conditions.  The odds are, we will see winter weather this up coming week.  As Wes and Brenda are coming to town and they almost always seem to bring winter weather with them.  Besides that there isn't much to report.  Temps are going to drop tonight and will start freezing things back down.

Today's Video...…...

It's started.............

At 10am the snow has started to come down at a good rate.  Let's cross our fingers and dance like never before that it snows all day like this.   More later...…….

Friday, January 3, 2020

Cross your fingers.............

Forecast is looking very good for the up coming week.  Now let's just hope it all comes true and we wake up Saturday morning to snow.  As we really do need to see some new snow and also have the cold return.  As things did get very soft today with the warm temps.  But at least we didn't see any R or fog.  One thing is for sure.  As wet as the snow is now, it's going to freeze up like concrete when the cold returns.

Today's Video...…….

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A Few............

There was a few sleds running around town today with the new snow we got over night.  But nothing like it should be.  Just looked at the forecast and it's looking  better than earlier today.  They increased the amount of snow for Saturday and then cold the rest of the week.  Going to be a hard one to call for this weekend.  If we don't see to much R on Friday and then snow on Saturday, who knows we may get some riding in just yet.

Today's Video...………..

Happy New Year !

Lake effect has been in the area and we have gotten a half a foot so far.  Calling for it to snow till 9pm.  If lake effect band stays in the area we could see another 4 to 6 before it's over.  I'll keep you posted.