Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tuesday on Wednesday morning............

This is the video from Paul's ride on Tuesday.  Had clouds and snow Tuesday morning, but later in the day the sun came out.  So we did see some melting, but not as bad as it could of been, as the temps stayed below freezing all day.  I was very hopeful that we would get past this weekend with only a light hit and be riding after it.  But with the way the forecast is changing, who knows how things are going to turn out.  Like always, only time will tell.

Tuesdays Video...………...


  1. You aren't supposed to tell people about Harrisville. That's the secret awesome area out of town.

    1. Most riders only ride 1&5 anyway they haven't figured out OF is an "L" and to venture outside the "L" let alone navigate inside it, I wouldn't worry about it. NJ&PA would be lucky to find their way back! plus your the one who put it writing!! The season's just about done they won't remember next year.
      Be Safe Keep Right